how to see…

In a recent interview about his new novel The Same River Twice, author Ted Mooney described learning “how to look, and how to teach people to look”:

If you stand in front of an artwork of even medium value, you really have to spend some time cleaning your mind of words utterly, and just begin to look, and keep yourself as blank as possible, for as long as possible, and you’ll begin to see the relations of things, how they fit or don’t, and eventually you’ll be able to see the object whole, and then you can start letting words come in again, and they will be the right words. If you do the same thing on a street corner it works too, by the way.

How does this apply to working with your customers? or the projects-goals you track against?

Does everything fit or align to the direction you want to head in? Where should you edit?

One thought on “how to see…

  1. It really is that simple and profound, isn’t it? Just to clear the mind of words and really look at what’s in front of us, to SEE it / them without the veil of our thoughts about it / them. Changes the whole world.

    Thank you for posting that.

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